Multi-car accident closes I-83 North at Loganville


Accident on I-83 North

A multi-car accident has closed I-83 northbound at the Loganville exit in York County. There are reports of multiple injuries.

PennDOT advises the following detour:

*Detour NB 83*
Off At Exit 8 – Glen Rock to
the Susquehanna Trail
Then back on 83NB at Exit 10


Traffic Cam of accident


Accident on I-83 North


Sent in from Facebook viewer Will LaFond

Accident on I-83 Northbound

Multiple vehicle accident on I-83 Northbound sent this one car over the center railing.



Accident on I-83 North


Cars hauled away from the scene.


  • Joe

    Go ahead, folks. Drive 80 or above right on the front car's bumper. Go ahead and text, run your mouth on the phone and fail to pay attention and you'll either go to the funeral home, hospital, or sit there for hours. Zero sympathy for darned fools.

    • Bonnie

      You stupid fool. Your blaming everyone involved- they are all related to someone. Someone just died, and your making jokes?Just remember "karma". What goes around will come right back at you.

      • Joe

        Sorry, Bonnie. I'm blaming whomever was dumb enough to do what I said. That they are related to someone matters little when they involve others also related to someone.. I was not making a joke at all. Failure to pay attention to driving is serious business. It kills innocent people. If you don't understand that, you don't understand the difference between "your" and You're" either. Whomever caused that mess still does not deserve my sympathy or yours..

  • beverly

    I drive 83 every single day. It is horrible. Some days you have to do 80 to keep yourself from getting run over by everyone else on the road. And then you get passed by some one else like you are sitting still. Until everyone on the road gets over their I have to get there in a hurry mentality this will continue. I am guilty as well, we all are from time to time.

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