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Clear resolution to end shutdown not in sight

The House and Senate both recessed without stopping a Government shutdown.  With government offices closed and 800,000 federal employees furloughed, there may seem to be no clear resolution in sight.

Speaking after a Monday night deadline, Senate Democrats called on the House to pass a continuing resolution that does now include changes to the Affordable Care Act.

For the first time in 17 years, no resolution.  It means some of the most-iconic places in America are locked up.

If you want to buy a gun, you can’t get a permit.  If you own a small business, and need a loan from the Government, you’ll have to wait.  And furloughs for civilian Defense Department employees start Tuesday.

But President Obama did sign a bill both chambers passed that ensures active duty military personnel will still be paid.

President Obama says, “Those of you in uniform will remain on your normal duty status. The threats to our national security have not changed and we need you to be ready for any contingencies.”

President Obama promised to veto legislation that repealed or delayed any part of his healthcare plan.  The shutdown could cost the still struggling U.S. Economy about $1 Billion a week in pay lost by furloughed federal workers.


2 Comments to “Clear resolution to end shutdown not in sight”

    weimerheimer said:
    October 1, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    I love the title of thos article, "Clear resolution to end shutdown not in sight".

    And you really thought they (the government) would really have a plan because ……..???
    They can't agree or run the country when they're in session.

    This country needs a MAJOR shake up starting with the President and working it on down the line … Congress, House of Reps., etc ……

    I'm so sick and tired of this crap!

    lazrus444 said:
    October 1, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    There is a very clear resolution to this problem and it will be handled next election. Time to take out the trash in impeach the moron at the top. Lies, ease dropping on the citizens, corruption and inept leadership. It's "WE THE PEOPLE" not "it's our opinion.

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