Local News

District Attorneys: Troopers justified shooting at armed robbery suspect


Dakin Burgess

The actions of state troopers who fired shots during the pursuit of Dakin P. Burgess on Sept. 9 have been justified, according to a joint release issued by the Franklin and Cumberland County District Attorneys.

According to police reports, Dakin Burgess, 37, of Pittsburgh, shot two state troopers during a police chase last month that spanned Franklin and Cumberland Counties. Authorities say Burgess was connected with a bank robbery in Franklin County and a bomb scare at the Marion Mennonite Church’s preschool.

Burgess shot and killed himself before authorities could apprehend him.

Because Burgess’ actions placed the public in danger–both District Attorneys determined state troopers responded appropriately by firing their weapons.

District Attorney Matthew Fogal stated, “The acts of valor and selfless service displayed by numerous Troopers during this incident were, in a word, heroic.”

District Attorney David Freed added, “The professionalism of the Troopers involved in the chase and apprehension of Burgess prevented a potential disaster. Their use of force was not only reasonable, it was necessary.”


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