Diabetes service dog not properly trained, dissatisfied in Virginia-based company

Amazon is a Diabetes service dog trained to help monitor blood sugar levels. Mickie Hollinger raised money for the dog, to surprise her daughter Marissa and help give her peace of mind.

“If she goes too low like in the 30’s, some people start passing out and going into a coma. If you go too low you will die. too high, you can go into a coma, have seizures,” said Mickie Hollinger.

Hollinger says Amazon is barely alerting them about her blood sugar levels. “We understand he’s not going to catch them all he’s a dog, but he should be catching more than what he is,” said Hollilnger.

She says what she got was an expensive pet, not a properly trained service dog.

“He counter surfs, you make him sit, he will sit for like two seconds and then he is off and running. you can give him a command and he just doesn’t listen,” said Hollinger.

Dan Warren with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers says they provide comprehensive training to each family, the training is ongoing. He says it stopped for the family because they breached their financial and material obligations under their contract. He is suing to get Amazon back because the family still owes money.

Mickie says she stopped paying because Amazon does not alert like he is supposed to. “Our total was $18,875, we have paid over $14,000,” said Hollinger.

Hollinger is not alone in her dissatisfaction. According to the website for the Attorney General in Virginia, where the company is based, 26 complaints have been filed against the organization Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers formerly known as Guardian Angel Service Dogs, Inc.

25 complaints are still pending. Warren says those are erroneous complaints. Dan Warren says those complaints are erroneous.