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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Popsicle stick found in Pugs chest

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Jake one stick

Photo Credit: HLLC

A dog is recuperating in Lancaster after undergoing surgery to remove a six-inch Popsicle stick from inside its chest cavity. The dog, named Jake, was brought to the Humane League of Lancaster from another local shelter and was treated for kennel cough and a fresh wound.

Because Jake’s wound was so severe– HLLC’s veterinarian decided he needed to have surgery. What the vet found was downright bizarre.

A six-inch Popsicle stick was imbedded deep in Jake’s chest cavity.

“This was probably the oddest thing I have ever removed from a dog,” said Dr. Langlois.

The surgery was a success and Jake is expected to make a full recovery.

It remains unclear how the stick ended up inside the pup.


Had the vet not found the Popsicle stick–it would have most likely traveled deeper into Jake’s chest, potentially causing severe or fatal damage to his lungs or heart, according to a news release from the Humane League.

Jake is now on the mend, but his multiple surgeries, medication and recovery didn’t come without cost. The Humane League is committed to providing the medical treatment needed to every animal in their care. It’s only because of the financial support of animal lovers that this is possible.

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