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Former Congressman Tim Holden Confirmed as Member of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board


Former Congressman Tim Holden, of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania has been unanimously confirmed by the State Senate to serve a four-year term as a member of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB). The vote was 48-0

Governor Tom Corbett nominated Holden to the PLCB on June 14, 2013, to fill a vacancy created when Board Member Patrick J. “PJ” Stapleton’s term expired.  The position had been vacant since Stapleton’s last day, Oct. 5, 2012.

“Congressman Tim Holden has earned a great deal of respect during his distinguished career as a legislator in Congress,” said PLCB Chairman Joseph E. Brion. ”As a public servant, he has worked hard for the citizens of the commonwealth and I have no doubt that he will bring that same work ethic and enthusiasm to his role at the PLCB as well.”

Holden was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for two decades, from Jan. 3, 1993 – Jan. 3, 2013.  He first represented the 6th district based in Reading, Pennsylvania before redistricting dismantled that district.  He went on to get elected to the 17th district based in Harrisburg.

Prior to his congressional career, Holden was a licensed real estate agent and an insurance broker.  He also served as sheriff of Schuylkill County and as Sergeant-at-Arms for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  He graduated from Bloomsburg University.

By law, no more than two of the three board members may be of the same political party as the Governor.  Once he’s sworn in, Holden, a Democrat, will be the minority member on the Board.

“I’m very much looking forward to working with Congressman Holden in his new role as a board member,” said Robert S. Marcus, PLCB member.  “We’re very fortunate to have his insight and expertise as we work to meet the goals set for this agency. I believe he will be a great addition to our team.”

The PLCB regulates the commonwealth’s beverage alcohol-industry; offers a comprehensive alcohol-education program to promote the responsible use of alcohol and operates more than 600 Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores.  Taxes and store profits are returned to Pennsylvania’s General Fund.


2 Comments to “Former Congressman Tim Holden Confirmed as Member of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board”

    Joe said:
    November 13, 2013 at 2:22 PM

    Another boondogle job. Think of the hundreds of thousands we could save by privatizing and getting rid of these blood sucking union panderers. A sale price here is still 17-20% higher than Maryland.

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