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Could drone deliveries be in the near future ?

It’s cyber Monday and that means thousands of you shopped online for the best holiday bargains today.  And soon there could be a new way that your online purchases are delivered.   Internet giant Amazon.com made the announcement Sunday night on 60 Minutes.  Showing off what the future could look like for your online shopping deliveries.

Amazon.com calls it Amazon Prime Air,  a drone known as an Octocopter. While CEO  Jeff Bezos said it could deliver packages to your home within 30 minutes ,  we got some mixed reaction from shoppers.

“ I think it would take away the jobs for people bringing the packages to your doors, “ says Mark Brekosky of Dillsburg

Bezos said in the interview that the drones are years away from becoming a reality. But even with this new technology on the horizon, believe it or not,  some shoppers still like to do their holiday shopping the old fashioned way.

“ I’d rather get into the store and get what I need and get it over with,” says Robbi Paules of Hershey

Bezos said the drones will be ready in four or five years.  And FAA rule changes could make the flights legal as soon as 2015. These drones can only carry packages which weigh up to five pounds, but amazon says 90% of the packages it delivers weigh less than that.


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