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York County teen wows crowds with Christmas light show

A York County teenager is making Christmas really bright with a light show that attracts spectators from near and far.

Every year around the holidays, the Linburg house at 1195 Hambiltonian Way, in Manchester Township, is the brightest home for miles, all thanks to more than 30,000 Christmas lights.

The mastermind behind the impressive display is Caleb Linburg, 15. He enlists the help of his entire family and starts installing lights in October so that the show is ready by Thanksgiving.

“I love Christmas and I love the lights and computers and it all kind of comes together here,” Linburg said.

It’s an interactive show set to music. People can turn their radio dials to 87.9 and go to Linburglights.com on their phones and vote for the song they want to hear next.

“It is just simply gorgeous,” Christine Harlacher, a spectator from Dover, PA. “It brings joy to a lot of people.”

It also brings a lot of cars to the neighborhood, but the neighbors don’t seem to mind.

“It brings the cheer, it brings the season to life,” said Dana Shearon, the Linburgs’ neighbor. “It brings a remembrance of what Christmas is all about. The giving, and they have done that.”

“It was really cool!” said Carly McHale, who has visited the show twice.

For Caleb, that’s all the motivation he needs to make his show bigger and brighter each year.

“It makes me feel really good that people are enjoying it,” he said.

Caleb has also programmed a New Year’s themed light show that runs from the day after Christmas to New Year’s Day. The shows run from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night until New Year’s Day.


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