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Hunters help the hungry with deer meat

As rifle deer season continues hunters aren’t just feeding their families. One young hunter is putting food on the table for hundreds of others in need. The first one he shot last year. And he’s still got venison left over. But none of the meat he got this year’s going to waste. His name is Brady Eversole. When shooting this year’s dear he says “I saw horns and I shot.” It was as simple as that. Once the teenage deer slayer took the shot the chase began. He says “he ran. I knew I had got him because he had a limp in his step. It left a blood trail and so I followed that and then there was a buck.”

But the deer wasn’t meant for him. Brady is donating it to hunters sharing the harvest. The program provides venison to local food banks throughout the state. Lorri Diller is with Diller’s Custom Deer Processing. She says “I think that the proteins and the meats and things like that do lack in the food banks. You have a lot of canned goods and boxed items.” Diller has been linking hunters with the hungry for the last 10 years. She says “each year we donate approximately 200 to 500 pounds of 1 pound packs of venison to the food bank.”

At least a few of those pounds are coming from Brady. this is the second deer he’s ever shot. the first one was a 9-point buck.He says “there was about a six point that walked by and my grandmother said take the shot and I was like no there’s a bigger one behind it.” Sure enough there was and with a steady hand Brady fired. now it’s hanging on his bedroom wall. for hunters like him enjoying the sport and helping others less fortunate makes it a win-win.

If you would like to take part in the program contact Diller’s Custom Deer Processing. Their number is (717) 796-1776


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