Local News

3 men arrested and charged for breaking into hundreds of cars

3 men are behind bars after police found roughly 300 stolen items in their homes in Elizabethtown, Lancaster county. Police found more than 10 grand worth of merchandise in the homes of Clifford Hostetter, Jeremy Wise and Adam Zink. Detective Shane Deardorff is with the Elizabethtown Police Department. He said “they had been breaking into hundreds of vehicles in Dauphin, Lebanon, Lancaster counties.”

Cops say it had been going on since august. they got a tip about what kind of car the three were driving in. that’s what led to their arrest last week. Police say they wouldn’t actually break into the cars. They would walk up and see if they were unlocked. If they were then they would take anything they wanted from inside. Detective Deardorff said “we’ve recovered numerous GPS devices, numerous car keys, some laptop computers, any items that they felt were of value.”

They also found a BB gun, video games, beer kegs, condoms and much more. Hostetter, Wise and Zink are charged with felony burglary.  even though cops caught the trio police are asking people to stay vigilant. Deardorff said “I would absolutely encourage residents to lock their vehicles. Take these precautions, do not put any valuables in plain site.” If you’ve been a victim you may be able to recover what was stolen. cops are asking that you contact your local police department to report anything taken.


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