Local News

Driver suffers deadly heart attack; crashes into house

Emergency crews in York County were on the roads for a number of crashes on Sunday, including a deadly accident in Lower Windsor Township.
It happened on the 2500 block of Craley Road near Ables Road around 1:30 p.m.
According to the York County Coroner’s office, the driver of a pick up truck suffered a heart attack while driving and then crashed into a house.
The driver, 54-year old Dennis Herbst of Wrightsville, died at the scene. The coroner says the heart attack caused his death, not the crash.
John Holcomb lives nearby and heard the crash. He says, “My wife and I were sitting at the dinner table and we heard this God awful sound, just a screeching and wrenching, our house vibrated a little bit. We ran to the window, looked out and seen a red truck into the neighbor’s house.”
Damage to the home at 2516 Craley Road was minimal; no one else was hurt.


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