Local News

Slippery roads snarl drivers in first winter storm

A PennDOT spokesman says there were more drivers on the road going too fast for conditions in this winter storm, and that caused problems on the roads.

Spokesman Greg Penny says PennDOT did not pre-treat roadways for the storm. Officials say they hoped salt residue laid down on Friday would remain, but rain washed it away. They also expected only a half inch to two inches of snow. In fact, the storm brought two to four inches and more in some areas.

Crews spent the day plowing and spraying salt brine, but it didn’t stop the accumulation. The snow diverted and even overturned cars.

“After we go home at midnight, they’ll have another crew come in at midnight and then take care of whatever, as long as the storm’s going they’ll have people here,” says snow plow driver David Miller.

Miller was assigned to a section of I-83. The interstate was more clear than its off-ramps and many other roads.

“A lot of sliding today,” says Wendy Stoll of Newberry Twp. “First of the season, nobody knows how to do it yet.”

Crews will be out through Monday morning, continuing to spread salt and try to prevent black ice from forming.


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