Local News

Sledders take advantage of school closings and hit the hills

Sledders of all ages took advantage of the fresh snow at Reservoir Park in York County. Some folks were out since 8AM. There was a lot of smiles and a lot of wipe outs. It was all harmless, until they built a jump. Then there were more than a few wipe outs. Students from York College to Dallastown High School spent much of the day sledding. regular sleds, snow boards and even an air mattress works when it comes to maximizing speed. those that have tried the air mattress before have important advice for new comers. One sledder, Deve Flynn, had used the mattress numerous times. He spoke to a few girls who were trying it for the first time and said “don’t snap your neck!”

There were no serious injuries. meanwhile some of the younger kids took advantage of smaller hills near Reservoir Park.One girl, Lea Digiovanni, said “I started around 4 or 5 o’clock this morning. And once I woke up I ate breakfast and I came straight out here.” But for the older kids nothing beats going down the highest hill. Some of them spent as long as 8 hours sledding.


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