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5-year-old goes viral in holiday concert video


As deaf people all over the world watched funeral services for Nelson Mandela, most knew pretty quickly that something was wrong.

In the Tampa Bay area, it was clear to Thomas and Lori Koch, who are both deaf. They were surprised by the nonsensical signing on the screen.

“It became obvious he was making things up. He was repeating the same hand movements, so it was obvious he was a fake,” Lori Koch said.

“It was just totally deflating for deaf people, like saying deaf people are not important. This is a famous man who did so much for many people,” said her husband, Thomas.

The couple has two little girls. Their oldest is in Kindergarten at Plum Elementary in Clearwater. She hears, and signs quite well, and the couple wants people to know how easy it is to learn sign language.

That’s why they put a video of 5-year-old Claire using sign language while singing holiday favorites during her school’s holiday program. The little girl did it so her deaf parents could hear the words to the songs.

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