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Harrisburg woman’s soup sales help homeland with community help

FOX43 continues to follow the story of a Harrisburg woman who got busy in the kitchen to help those suffering in the aftermath of the Philippine typhoon.

If you recall, around a month ago, Jenine Diaz was busy cooking soups to help those in her homeland.  Nearly $500 were raised from selling 32 ounce soup bowls.  Since then, the amount has grown.

Diaz says your community outreach has helped her raise $14,800 in relief funds.  Diaz and her family have decided to put money toward Samar, an island East of Manila.  400,000 people live there with an average income of $60 per month.  Diaz decided the thousands of dollars raised will go towards helping those on an island where there’s not enough aid.

Diaz says, “We will build homes, houses.  My mom already sent two groups of people.  The first thing they did was to assess the damages, to help families look for people, physically go corner to corner, really searching for people.”

Diaz says it costs $570 to build a home in Samar.  Additional funds will be put towards feeding people.  If you are interested in helping, head to Diaz’s facebook group, “Haiyan Relief Efforts in Harrisburg.”


2 Comments to “Harrisburg woman’s soup sales help homeland with community help”

    Brett said:
    December 12, 2013 at 8:45 PM

    Very kind hearted of Jenine,people here should help their own people build homes and get back on their feet.That is the spirit. I lived here 47 years,still don't have my own home. 77.2 trillion dollars that seems hard to believe!

      Joe said:
      December 13, 2013 at 6:21 AM

      Kind? Yes but, $77.2 trillion is four times the entire current National Debt.

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