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Multi-million dollar plan at former factory in Hershey promises to keep history alive

Multi-million dollar plan is underway to boost Derry Township’s economy while keeping its rich history alive. The Hershey Chocolate Factory moved to its new site in 2012, leaving an empty space in the middle of the town.

$70 million is going towards the site of the former Hershey Chocolate Factory.

Rick Russell is the director of Government Relations for The Hershey Company.  He says, “It’s 3 phases, we are almost on our third phase.  We’ve converted our former manufacturing site into state of the art office buildings.”

Russell says when the project’s complete, 1200 employees will work there.

Russell says, “More employees you put into the downtown area will benefit the surrounding businesses and community.  More people are going to restaurants and taking advantage of the amenities already.”

Pamela Whitenack is the director of Hershey Archives.  He says, “It really starts with the man Milton Hershey. The one person could have that vision to not only create this successful company, but to build a town that would benefit workers.”

Whitenack knows much about Hershey.  She says renovating a factory that’s been around since 1905 supports Milton Hershey’s vision for a thriving future.

Whitenack says, “He started small and as businesses and the town grew, often buildings were removed so now larger structures could take their place.”

The renovations will be complete in about a year.  The company says they’ll incorporate old factory parts, like a chocolate refinery, into the future of Hershey.


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