Local News

Shoppers brave the snow for the sake of presents

As the snow fell on Saturday many holiday shoppers in our area were unfazed and continued to hit the stores at the Capital City Mall in Cumberland County.  One shopper said “the white Christmas’ are the best Christmas’.”  Another shopper, Jeremiah Clark, said “I don’t want to get snowed into my house and not be able to get Christmas gifts.” It’s that fear that motivated many folks to go shopping in the snow. Sometimes it was against their friends advice.

Amanda Black said her friends were saying “stay home, it’s going to be snowing outside. You’re not allowed to go out shopping stay home!” But she didn’t listen to them. Black said “we’ve decided to brave the cold weather and get outside and shop.” There’s roughly ninety stores here at the capital city mall. over the weekend about twenty thousand people are going to be shopping in them.

Some of the shoppers were more excited about the snow than the sales. Madison and Samantha were both under five years old. They were excited to go sledding and make snow angels. But the snow isn’t welcome by all. some of the folks we spoke with were waiting while they got new tires on their cars. everyone we caught up with did say they were happy for the holidays.


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