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Mega Millions excitement grows as drawing nears

The sales clerk at one convenience store said “if you don’t play you can’t win. Joseph Wars of York was buying his lottery ticket when he said “I’m going to be the five hundred and fifty million dollar winner!” That’s a lot of cash on the line when it comes to the Mega Millions jackpot. If the winner chooses the immediate payout they can walk away with almost $300 million. Everyone has their own idea of how to spend the money or where they’d go.

Daryl Jackson of York says “probably the Bahamas. Somewhere nice! Somewhere I’ve never been before but that I see on TV. Crystal blue waters.” Others have more modest tastes. Joseph Wars said “I would just act like I never even had the money. I don’t have all this glamorous stuff now, I don’t need it when I hit. All I need is a house and a car. That’s it.”

This is the second largest jackpot in the Mega Millions history. The largest happened back in March of 2012. It was worth more than $650 million dollars. But the odds are against you. There’s a 1 in 260 million chance to win. But that doesn’t stop people from playing. Weney Hinton works at a convenience store in York. She said “they want a chance to win the money! who don’t want to be rich? for one dollar you can get how much million?”

$550 million is enough to make a lot of people roll the dice. The drawing will be held at 11:20 this Tuesday night.


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