Local News

Molly’s Pub burglar turns himself in

The owner of a Lancaster City bar says a burglar who broke into his place and stole cigarettes has turned himself in to avoid facing further charges.
He was offering a one thousand dollar reward for information leading to the burglar’s arrest– before he fessed up.

Last Thursday morning a burglar took a planter and smashed the front door.

He broke in, hopped over the counter and took a tray of cigarettes.
As it was going on he was caught on several security cameras.

Anthony Maglietta, the owner, said “I couldn’t believe that someone would be so brazen to just pick up one of the flower pots that were outside the establishment and throw it through the front of the store.”

Sixteen security cameras lace Molly’s Carry Out on East Chestnut Street and they caught the man’s every move, from every angle.

And those same cameras also recorded footage you’ll only see on Fox 43. Video of the man back in the store -but this time, to meet the owner and turn himself in.

Maglietta said the tab from all the damage is four thousand dollars.

Five hundred for the tray of cigarettes and the rest to replace the door.

Maglietta said, “I just want to be compensated for what I worked hard for, I think it’s completely unfair that he did that.”

When the man turned himself in, Maglietta said he struck him as someone who just made a mistake.

Maglietta said charges haven’t formally been filed.  Detectives say the burglar has been taken to the Lancaster County Prison.


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