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Mother gets first ‘real’ Christmas tree at giveaway

For many people, a Christmas tree is a big part of our holiday tradition. The thing is, not everyone can afford one.

Two local organizations held a Christmas tree giveaway in York Tuesday to make the holidays a little brighter for families in need: The Community Progress Council and Brown’s Tree Farm.

One woman said this is the first real tree she has ever had. “I’m excited! This is my first real tree and it’s going to be real exciting for the kids. We are going to decorate it and have fun. It’s going to be a shock when they come in the house and see it and smell it, because of the pines.” said the woman. “It means a lot. Just to know that there are still people out there that care about other people, and you don’t even have to know them.”

“It is kind of a luxury, so what we’re encouraging is for folks to take one of these trees so that they can reserve their resources in spend them in a different way. Maybe they can get presents for their children, or pay their electric bill, whereas if they would have bought a tree they would have struggled to do that,” said Robin Rohrbaugh President & CEO of the Community Progress Council.

Rohrbaugh said they signed up particular families involved with the Community Progress Council. “They are folks who are either out of work or have jobs that are maybe lower paying. And they are working towards getting a better work situation, or more affordable housing.  A lot of the people who we’re helping are families with very young children. We focused on the families who are working to achieve self-sufficiency,” said Rohrbaugh.

Lee Brown, owner of Brown’s Tree Farm donated the 50 trees. “We have done this for 22 to 23 years. We’re just trying to help a few families out. This year we only donated 50, usually it’s 60 or 70. Because of the weather this year it was a little hard to get to them,” said Brown. “It makes you feel good. There’s hopefully a couple of families that it helps them over Christmas.”


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