Local News

York County Food Bank’s receives its largest donation to help them thrive

A Central Pennsylvania organization receives an early Christmas gift that will go a long way to fulfill their mission to end hunger.  The York County Food Bank operates in a facility that distributes a couple million pounds of food every year.

Every week, Eufifin Soto picks up food at the York County Food Bank.  Soto says, “We have so many families, they can’t afford it, some people don’t have a job, they lose a job.  The finance is hard and they find stuff here that helps.”

Soto is the Pastor of a Church in Downtown York.  She relies on the food bank to help her congregation.

Next year, clients like Soto will shop in place that’s two and a half times the size of this building on West Princess Street.

Bob Astor is the PR representative with Shipley Energy.  He says, “To be able to give a gift of this magnitude to the food bank is just overwhelming.”

Shipley Energy is handing over the keys to their facility that’s not in use, on East King Street.

John Fisher is the executive director of the York County Food Bank.  He says, “We put 2 million pounds of food through this facility every year.  And some years we’ve reached as high as 3 million pounds and it’s taken its toll on this building.”

A toll that’s no longer a concern.

Soto says, “We need something like that. We have a lot of people who need something.”

…Making it easier for the food bank to serve.

Shipley Energy moved out of their East King street facility, a year ago.  The Food Bank will have its first board meeting in their new home in January. They plan to be fully operating there by the end of next year.


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