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Man charged with kidnapping his girlfriend

A Cumberland County man faces a Kidnapping charge involving his girlfriend. The incident began just before 4 o’clock this morning in the 400 block of Forest Court. A woman called Carlisle Police to report that her roommates’ boyfriend had broken down the door; grabbed her roommate; dragged out the door; put her in a vehicle and drove off.

The victim was eventually located behind a church in the area of North Bedford Street and East North Street. She told police that her boyfriend, Kwesi Dave, 23, had taken her from her home; drove her around and ultimately left her behind the church before taking off. The victim suffered minor injuries from the assault and abduction.

Following up on information, police located Dave’s vehicle in Middlesex Township near the Red Roof Inn. Dave was found at an adjacent motel and taken into custody by Carlisle Borough and Middlesex Township police.

In addition to Kidnapping, Dave is also charged with Burglary, Simple Assault and Criminal Trespass.


1 Comment to “Man charged with kidnapping his girlfriend”

    Blind Justice said:
    January 17, 2014 at 7:44 AM

    I bet no one knows she was drunk in pursuit of him the entire night. Or the fact she threatened to hurt herself and and unborn child inside of her and he came to rescue this women and take her to the hospital. No. You just destroy this mans life with your accusations. Fuck the media.

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