Prestige Gymnasts earn college scholarships

Prestige Gymnastics in Lancaster County produces their share of collegiate athletes with two more heading to the next level.   There’s no shortage of talent in the building and York Catholic’s Kayla Kennedy is one of the best.   She earns a scholarship to compete at Temple University next year.   Hempfield’s Morgan Delinger is also advancing to the next level and will go to Bowling Green.   They’re excited about the move for similar reasons.

“It’s always been part of my life and something I want to do for a long time,” says Delinger.  “I’m excited for it to be more of a team sport when I get to college instead of an individual right now.”

Kayla agrees with the team aspect.  “I can’t wait to be on a team and have a fresh start,” she said.  “To go right to school with a group of girls, already have friends.  I love the sport so much so I can’t wait.”

Both received scholarships and signed their letters of intent in mid-November.


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