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Aftermath of Target’s Credit Card Breach

Attention Target shoppers.  A warning tonight from the retailer of a massive credit card breach affecting as many as 40 million people. The discount dealer warned customers Wednesday that their credit card information might have been stolen. Between November 27th and December 15th the company says credit and debit accounts were compromised for in-store shoppers. Hackers reportedly stole data from those magnetic strips on the back of credit cards.

Shoppers we spoke with aren’t avoiding the store, just sticking to cash to be safe.

“I’m using cash today I want to know that my credit cards are secure before using them here again,” says Jasmine Cruz of York

If you think you could be a victim there are things you can do.

“ If anybody did shop at Target during that period of time they should specifically contact that financial institution and they can do that by phone online or in person,” says Mike Kochenour, President/CEO, York Traditions Bank

This afternoon, a spokeswoman for Target said the company has identified and resolved the security issue that lead to the breach.

The spokeswoman also said this is a sophisticated crime and a forensics team will look into it.


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