Local News

Millions in debt wiped out for Harrisburg

The city’s state receiver and Mayor Linda Thompson announced that they sold the debt ridden incinerator Monday. It went to  the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority for more than $129 million. And the city’s parking assets are now leased for the next 40 years to a number of companies under the name “Harrisburg First “.

“ All of Harrisburg’s debt has been eliminated in the most complex municipal transaction in the United States. The words fiscal crises in the history of Harrisburg. That conundrum has been solved,” says Mayor Linda Thompson

The combined transaction tops out at over $400 million. The  transaction was the final step to the receiver’s ” Harrisburg Strong Plan”.

Amidst the good news and just days left in office, Thompson took the opportunity to reflect on her four, sometimes nationally-recognized,  years in office.

“ They say a man can`t be a prophet in his own town but I left a legacy in this town and this legacy is one that could never be twisted, turned, given to someone else,” says Thompson

When asked about her plans come January the Mayor said she doesn’t know yet.  She said she is just glad she can hand over a debt free city to mayor-elect Eric Papenfuse.


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