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Viewers help replace stolen presents for family of 5

Imagine doing almost all of your Christmas shopping for your family and then having all of those presents stolen. That’s what happened to the Saylor’s. The family of 5 had all of their Christmas presents stolen out of their car last Wednesday night. “I was devastated. The first thing I did was cry. I couldn’t even tell my husband what happened because I was so upset by it” said Rebecca Saylor.

Her husband Brian said “Christmas was essentially gone in a matter of hours. What we had saved for and worked for.” That’s just the beginning. After we first brought you this story on Thursday evening viewers started reaching out to FOX43 by phone and email. They started donating gifts to replace the ones that had been stolen. Everything from stuffed animals to Legos and gift cards.

“It absolutely restores that faith in humanity. It really makes me realize that there are far more better people out there than the bad ones” said Rebecca. Brian is a volunteer fire fighter. He said he’s used to helping others. “To be on the flip side of that and be on the receiving end is truly a humbling experience with the outpouring of support” said Brian.

The Saylor’s have 3 children named Emily, Evan and Elizabeth. It’ll be a merry Christmas for them all. “It’s going to be one of the best ones for my children which I couldn’t ask for anything better” said Brian.


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