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Family celebrates Christmas by finding massive tree

At more than 20 feet tall the Gribbin-Wever family chose the largest tree they’ve ever had this Christmas. “We started cutting down monster trees several years ago and we started off with a 12 foot and then it went to 15 feet and then this year we said let’s push it and see how far we can go” said Kimberly Gribbin-Wever who’s children all made it home in time for Christmas.

The Gribbin-Wevers put roughly 4,000 lights on the tree. They were hanging ornaments until 2AM on Christmas eve. Each and every one gives the tree its character. “I have ornaments that are special from my grandmother who’s no longer with us. The kids birth ornaments, just different things that signify all the stages of our families life” said Kimberly.

This is the first time in 4 years that the entire Gribbin-Wever family was together on Christmas. They chose the tree as a family, but some members of the family had more influence than others. “My daughter, we let her pick it out because that way if it’s too big or doesn’t look right than it’s her fault. I just do the labor” said John Wever.

The size of the tree matches the amount of love in the Gribbin-Wever home on Christmas day.


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