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‘Miracle’ dog found on I-83 is recovering

by Katie Kyros


A homeless Dauphin County pooch is being called a ‘miracle’ dog, after he was rescued on the side of I-83 and a vet realized he’d been hit by a car.

Marcia Adams was driving with a friend near the Lemoyne exit during rush hour on Monday. They noticed the dog walking alongside busy traffic.

When they picked him up, they realized he was struggling to breathe. A veterinarian found that he had swelling and fluid around his lungs and his heart was displaced—from the trauma of being hit by a car, probably within the last 24 hours.

They nicknamed him ‘Niko’ after St. Nick. Adams is giving him medicine and keeping him quiet and calm.

The dog is about five years old, and seems to have some training. But no owner has been located and he looks like an underfed stray.

“A good loving home that will neuter him,” is what Adams, who lives out of the country, hopes for the dog. “But also for a home that’s going to take him in and love him as the rough and tumbled soul he is right now, but also as the loving soul he is. He’s very gentle and sweet.”

If you are interested in adopting Niko, you can contact Diane at Canine Rescue of Central PA in Dillsburg: (717) 232-1644.


1 Comment to “‘Miracle’ dog found on I-83 is recovering”

    guest said:
    December 27, 2013 at 11:48 AM

    i know the owner of this dog and she desperately would like her dog back. However, the lady that found her is refusing to give her the dog back. The owner and her granddaughter have experienced some tramatic events in their lives and this is just one more issue being placed upon them. the dog is not undernourished and is loved. The lady holding the dog hostage, what a shame–inflicting more pain on this family.

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