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Should children have an option to play with plus-sized dollls?

12/27/13- Topic of the Day – One of the most popular dolls in the United States is creating a stir over obesity and body image.  The site, Plus-Size-Modeling, posted a picture of a plus-sized Barbie with a caption, “Should toy companies start making plus-sized dolls?”  The debate is one that has been around for years.  Is weight a true indicator of a person’s healthiness?  Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determine a person’s true health from factors such as high blood pressure and physical activity.

Do you think kids should be able to play with plus-sized dolls?  What statement would it make to a child if they had one?


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  • Steve

    Why don't we start with regular sized dolls first. I know there have been debates that Barbie's are not proportionally correct. Lets make correct looking ones before making oversize ones.

  • Drew

    A company could decide to do so if they wish. I have my doubts about the number of sales. Certainly wouldn’t expect a company to do so for the sake of anthing but profits.

  • veb

    I wish that this debate would drop. I am so over it. I grew up playing with Babie and I do not feel that my self worth is based on anything to do with her or her physical appearance. I am not starving myself, getting implants or dying my hair blonde because Barbie set unrealistic goals for me as a child. A toy is a toy. They are not created to be role models, motivational speakers, etc. That is the parents job.

  • Alexis

    I think kids should have the option of playing with a Crime Victim barbie doll – take your pick of Stock Fraud Victim Barbie, rape Victim Barbie, here's one — Great White Shark Attack Barbie (missing an arm or leg, of course). How 'bout a Victim Of Police Abuse Barbie (pulled over at a DUI checkpoint, demanded her constitutional rights be respected, beaten to a pulp by steroid-jacked cops).

  • emily kramer

    If companies want to create an oversized barbie to promote the idea that beauty is not affected by weight, then what the hell is the big deal? As a society we place too much emphasis on weight in general, it`s no wonder young girls are self conscious when it comes to their body image. My mother always instilled a healthy lifestyle in me growing up but that doesn`t mean that I didn`t want to be what society portrays as the “ideal” body image. It is controversies like these that allow children to have a false sense of what is healthy for them.

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