Local News

Newberry Twp. Fire Dept. collecting items for fire victims

The Newberry Township Fire Department in York County is reaching out to help two families left homeless Friday, after two fires on the same block.

The first fire started around 1 p.m. Friday afternoon on Railroad Avenue. It took hours to extinguish and firefighters say sparks from the fire ignited a second fire at a nearby home.

The fire chief says both families need donations of clothing and other household items. The first family is staying with relatives; the second is at a motel with help from the Red Cross.newberryfire

If you would like to  donate any items, you can bring them to the Newberry Twp. Fire Dept. at 2145 York Haven Road, Goldsboro, PA. They ask that you mark which items are for which family.

For the first family:

Junior size 9 and Lg. junior shirts & size 9 9 1/2 Shoe size for 14 year old Girl.

Menswear XLG Shirts 36/32 pants Shoe Size 12.

Women’s (2 women in the home are in this size) 20- 22 in pants & Shirts Women’s 8-8 1/2 Shoes Women’s 7-7 1/2 Shoe.

Mens 38-40 waist/ 32-34 length Size 11-12 Shoe.

Pillows, blankets towels wash rags personal hygiene things, Anything.

For the second family:

6 adults and 1 baby. 9-12 month boy clothes and small maternity clothes are needed.

Women size 6-8 size pants and M/L shirts for the mom.

Men’s pants 34/30and 36/30 and Lg shirts for the two Brothers.

Men 46/28 pants and XL pants are needed for the dad.

They are in need of under garments and bathroom products.

They are in a hotel.  Do not have the means to cook food so any money for fast food and bottle drinks would help.

Dog and cat food would also help there was two dogs and a cat in the home that lost all their food. Anything would help them out greatly.


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