Local News

Two charged with retail theft at Target in Lancaster County

arrestTwo men face charges involving retail theft at a Target store in Lancaster County.  It happened yesterday at about 4:35 pm at the Target in the 900 block of Lititz Pike, in Warwick Township. Northern Lancaster County Regional Police say two male suspects were taken into custody without incident.

The suspects were identified as David Disciullo, 26, of Atlas, Northumberland County, and Charles Cairns, 38, of Honeybrook, Chester County,  Disciullo had more than $1,240.00 worth of assorted merchandise in his possession.  He allegedly used an edged weapon to alter or remove sales tags and electronic security devices from the merchandise.

Police also located a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado pickup in the parking lot filled with assorted items. The vehicle also had camouflage tape affixed to the registration plate to avoid or hinder identification. The pickup was impounded.

Disciullo is charged with Retail Theft and Possession of Instruments of Crime.  Cairns was found to have outstanding warrants for Retail Theft and other offenses.


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