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One family hopes to win big at the Farm Show with apples

The 98th annual Pennsylvania Farm Show will officially kick off on Saturday. Hundreds of vendors have been getting ready all week. Including the Hollabaugh’s. They’re from Biglerville and have been growing apples for 3 generations. “I love them and eat usually at least an apple a day” said Bruce Hollabaugh.

Hollabaugh is proud to have won awards in the past for producing the best bushel of apples. “Free of defects and flaws is very important but just having an attractive pack that represents the variety very well” said Hollabaugh. He works in the field with his father while his wife and sister manage the retail side of the business.

The Hollabaugh’s produce 50 different kinds of apples on their farm. This year alone they’ve harvested more than 7 million apples. Just because it’s a family business doesn’t mean they always get along.

“It’s definitely more a blessing than a curse but it’s family, everybody butts heads every now and then” said Ellie Vranich who is Hollabaugh’s sister. “It’s both our greatest strength and our greatest weakness also. Because at the end of the day we’re family and we can’t get too angry at each other because we have to work together the next day too” said Hollabaugh.

The Hollabaugh’s said they hope their children will carry on the tradition for another generation.

Find the link to the Farm Show schedule here.


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