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School bus drivers punished for praying

By, Heather Warner
A group of Houston school bus drivers has been using its district’s radio system to pray, and it’s being punished for it.Over the course of a few weeks, bus drivers in North Harris County had been using the radio system to pray for their fellow drivers who had been involved in several tragedies recently. One of those drivers lost a 12 year-old child, after she was struck by a car walking home from school.But when the district got wind of the growing bus operator prayer circle, Deborah and four other drivers found themselves punished by way of write ups.

Wretha Thomas represents the bus drivers. She says the district is operating under a double standard.

“It is sad that the district would take this position writing up my bus drivers and, in fact, the district prays at the board meetings every time they get ready to have a board meeting. They’re allowed to pray,” Thomas said.

The district tells the drivers that it’s not punishing them for praying, but they’re being punished because they used the district’s radio system as a vehicle to spread that morning spiritual message.

“That’s why we are where we are today, so many killings, so many robberies, steady building jails when they should be building schools because there is no God in the schools anymore,” said McDonald.

The drivers are now fighting to have the disciplinary notes removed from their files.


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