Local News

Snow in York county causes accidents and delays

In York County, road crews worked all day clearing the roads of snow and police have also worked to clear roads.. but of numerous crashes throughout the region.

Snow started falling around 2:30 on Thursday in York County and tapered off shortly after 10PM.

It left a thick coating, perfect for making snowballs.

But it left roadways very slick and kept plows extremely busy.

Penndot crews have one message for the people this evening.

“Don’t go out, if you don’t need to, don’t, stay in, and give us a chance to get the roads clear,” says Penndot Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager, Rudy Huggins.

Rudy Huggins says his crews have been out since Tuesday treating the roads with a salt mixture and preparing for all of it.

But, conditions got worse, and worse, as the night went on.

And it’s affecting all of Central Pennsylvania.

In Lancaster County a car dirivng on Route 999 hit a telephone pole.

And just west in Hanover, York County, Keith Krumrine helped pull cars out of the ditch with his truck.

“There were a couple kids that were trying to get around route 30 and they got stuck on this hill — and it’s actually a sheet of ice so I got in one of their cars and was able to get it out of the ditch and then as I was doing that two more came down and I was able to get one of those guys out and free up traffic,” says Keith Krumrine.

It’s Southern Pennsylvania that have crews the most worried.

“Down in our lower end we have a lot of problems with the drifting, we could get a couple inches of snow and then the drifting could be, could end up being a couple feet so we’ll have the graders out the blowers out and open the roads up,” says Huggins.


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