Local News

Drivers hit by blowing snow in York County

Roadways are cold and blustery across the area, but drivers woke up to find many major roads plowed.

The problem is the snow isn’t melting, and won’t stay put.

“Biggest problem is the wind, the wind’s just blowing it right back on you,” says Al Lintz, trying to clear sidewalks in Manchester Township, York County.

The snow added time for commuters, as they got ready for freezing temperatures and cleaned off their cars.

“Quite a bit of snow and wasn’t really expecting this much and we’ve come out to clean before I go to work,” says Jennifer Johnson in Manchester Twp.

PennDOT pre-treated and and kept up with plowing major roads. The main problem drivers encountered is blowing and drifting snow, pushed by the wind.

Arctic air means this snow won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

“Everybody called the shots pretty well that we were going to get the storm,” says Lintz.


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