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Fire displaces family of 5 in Red Lion

A structure fire early Monday evening in Red Lion left a family of 5 displaced and forced firefighters into the bitter cold. Temperatures that were well below freezing presented a challenge for the Red Lion Fire Department. The fire broke out in a home in the 100 block of 1st Avenue near Park Street. Chief Joseph Yahnke of the Red Lion Fire Department said “we prevented a major loss here tonight.”

Chief Yahnke said his team keeps a change of clothes in the truck in case they get wet in the cold. They’ll also keep their doors open to those affected by the fire. “We’ve offered all the homeowners, obviously we’ll open up the station for them, it’s only a block up the street. We can get them warm there. Most of them have gone to neighbors or other family members” said Yahnke.

Bill Shingler lives next do to where the fire broke out and had to evacuate during the height of the fire. He got out quickly, but was still trying his best to stay warm. Shingler said “just moving around, shivering and shaking. I don’t know, just trying to stay warm any way I can.” Meanwhile the family of 5 made it out safely.


1 Comment to “Fire displaces family of 5 in Red Lion”

    JustSayin said:
    January 7, 2014 at 12:48 PM

    Did they lose everything? Are there kids involved? If so what ages, gender and sizes. I'm sure there are people that can donate!

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