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PennDOT preparing for icy conditions

Temperatures around Central Pennsylvania may be above freezing but with a rainy start to the day and temperatures expected to drop PennDOT has on a full crew.

With wet roads PennDOT officials are prepared for a potential flash freeze to come through during rush hour.

PennDOT Crews are monitoring roads but not treating them right now because of the rain. Crews can’t lay down materials because it will wash away. “We are hoping residual from the past day will help,” said Fritzi Schreffler with PennDOT. “Once the rain clears our crews can start spreading again. They will just assume everything is ice.”

With frigid temperatures expected Schreffler reminds drivers that salt treatments aren’t as effective. “Once the temps get near 20 degrees it takes longer for the salt to work. Once we get near zero it really takes a while for salt to work. As it gets close to zero we add more anti-skid to the mixture,” said Schreffler.

“Drivers should consider the wet roads as ice and be overly cautious,” said Schreffler.


1 Comment to “PennDOT preparing for icy conditions”

    lazrus444 said:
    January 6, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    Penn Dot is a joke. Preparing, right. You see the picture and there is no one in the grader. They wait until there is a multi car pileup or fatality, then hit the nearest convenience store for coffee, after that they take there sweet time and move on down the road until they his another convenience store or donut shop. This outfit is a joke and those who are involved in an accident do to their negligence should sue these losers.

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