Labeled The World’s Ugliest Woman: Lizzie Velasquez ‘Knows God Sees Her True Beauty’

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Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people on Earth born with an unusual genetic ailment that prevents her from gaining any weight. She has never weighed over 62 pounds in her life, and in addition, Velasquez was also born sightless in her right eye. She discovered a video of herself on YouTube labeled “The World’s Ugliest Woman” prior to her junior year of high school.

Now she’s proving all of those high school bullies wrong by showing everyone how beautiful she really is:

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  • kidsneedtogrowup

    This is just wrong on so many levels. How in the world can you vote someone the most ugly woman? Yes I see the most beautiful, but doing this, i think, is a bit of bullying which everyone is pushing to be against. Good for her to push through it and use it at a positive.

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