Truck drivers share concerns over fatal road rage incident on I-81

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Pennsylvania investigators return to Franklin County to search for any evidence in the fatal road rage incident from over the weekend.  A driver shot and killed 28-year-old Timothy Davison early Saturday morning off Interstate 81 in Antrim Township.  That man has yet to be caught.

Truck Driver Tony Dedonatis fuels up at the Flying J in Middlesex Township.  He hauls propane across the region and he says he often encounters rude drivers.

Dedonatis says, “Not paying attention to what they’re doing, getting in others’ ways and they realize what’s going on and they try to block you and pass you and not paying attention.”

A distraction which can lead to road rage.

He says, “People don’t pay attention to everybody else, only worried what they do.”

Truck driver, Chuck Grimm, of South Carolina, agrees.  He says, “That’s the problem I notice.  They tend to always want to be there five minutes before they can actually be there.”

Saturday’s deadly shooting along I-81 was apparently unprovoked.  And that has law enforcement worried.

State Trooper Rob Hicks says, “This person is still on the loose and we don’t know when they might strike again and if they strike again.”

Hicks says don’t take any chances the next time you’re driving.  He says, “If you’re involved in a road rage incident, such as tailgating, be the bigger person, pull off the road, allow that person to go by you, don’t antagonize because you don’t know who it is and what they are capable of.”

State police urge you to call 911, especially if and when a gun becomes involved.  If you know any information call police at 717-264-5161.


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