Road Raging Teen Waves Machete


A 18 year-old driver from York Springs is arrested after police say he drove like a fool and waved a machete at other motorists in a fit of road rage. Jason Robbins, 18, was allegedly witnessed by other drivers tailgating and brake-checking in his Ford Mustang as he drove southbound on Route 34 from Middlesex Township. When that wasn’t enough, police say he waved a large serrated machete in the air. North Middleton Township police pulled him over in the 1700 block of Spring Road. Robbins is charged with Simple assault by physical menace.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    I'd like to see the official wording that includes the word "fool".

    Apparently, said fool hasn't been following the news on road rage which has people less tolerant of such fools.

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