Good weather poses problems as crews repair roads

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In less than a week temperatures have spiked from near zero degrees to the fifties. Officials with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said that it has created near perfect conditions for pot holes. They had roughly a dozen crews out on Monday working in 8 different counties to repair the holes.

They filled the pot holes with a cold patch, which is a mix of oil and stone. It’s not meant to last forever. “This is a temporary fix so that we can get back in Spring and repair them with a hot mix material where we actually cut out a section and make a more permanent fix” said Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesperson Mike Crochunis.

The pot holes aren’t the only problem that the good weather brings. The repairs on Interstate 83 South caused up to an hour delay for those leaving Harrisburg heading towards York. With more crews and construction on the roadways the dangers increase.

A close call in Manheim Township Lancaster County highlights those safety risks. Crochunis said “thankfully no one was hurt. The vehicle did hit one of our crash attenuators that we have with the arrow board on the back to direct traffic to move over and the vehicle struck it from behind.”

You can help fix the pot hole problem without even getting out of your car. If you see a pot hole call the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to report it. The number is 1(800) FIX-ROAD which is 1(800) 349-7623.