Self-inflicted gun shot wound to head kills suspect in crime spree

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We now know what caused a Perry County man to die, in connection to Saturday’s shooting spree in Susquehanna Township.  Police say Donald Tolbert, 23, committed a series of crimes on Saturday leading up to his death.  Dauphin County Coroner, Graham Hetrick says Tolbert shot himself.

The events started Saturday morning when a woman reported Tolbert sexually assaulted her in Duncannon.  His family says he had a previous relationship with her.  That began a string of violent acts allegedly tied to Tolbert.  At 1 p.m. police say he shot and killed a woman on Dellville Road, in Wheatfield Township, in Perry County.  Police say he began shooting while she was in her car at a stop sign.  Then, he stole a red Ford Focus and several guns, and robbed a convenience store in Dauphin.  Later, police spotted Tolbert in the car at the end of North Second St. in Susquehanna Township.  That’s where a shooting rampage between police and Tolbert began.  Hetrick says his autopsy clearly determined the cause of death.

Hetrick says there were no other wounds to the body but multiple bullets were found in the car.  He says the gun stolen and used to commit suicide is larger than caliber used by police.  Hetrick says a toxicology report will be conducted to tell more about Tolbert’s behavior.  That test will take about 2 weeks.