‘Devil Baby’ terrifies New Yorkers in most disturbing prank ever

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – The ‘Devil Baby’ is one of those things that people say ‘can’t be unseen’ — but that won’t stop many New Yorkers from trying after coming face to face with the viral marketing hell spawn.

The worst part of the Devil Baby is its cries bring up only the best feelings in people — the helping, caring urges inspired by an infant inexplicably abandoned in a stroller on the streets of New York.  Until they get close, that is.

Then the demonic child jumps from under the blankets, a wicked scream and disgusting vomit completing the adrenaline pumping scare tactic, sending (almost) everyone flying backwards.

The prank, as they almost always turn out to be these days, is a marketing campaign for the horror flick “Devil’s Due,” which is out this Friday, Jan. 17.