Harrisburg’s new mayor presents his 2014 budget

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Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse gave city council his first budget proposal Tuesday night.  For the most part,the budget didn’t change from the original proposal from former Mayor LInda Thompson. It includes no tax increases, and the hiring of more police officers and firefighters. But some changes the mayor did propose include pay rate changes. Among them, are raises for department heads like the Chief of Police. But, Papenfuse says he was able to budget for it by getting rid of a position and decreasing the salary to others.

“We`re trying to bring in the best and the brightest and honestly Harrisburg`s salaries are low compared to other areas and we`re trying to keep and retain people and we`re tyring  to show support for instance to the Police Chief and the Captains,” says Papenfuse

Former Mayoral Candidate Nevin Mindlin spoke out at the meeting against the budget. He wanted to know how a program to fight crime would be funded and asked that the Mayor and City Council  put dollars where they’re important.

” The budget is a statement of priorities and this is not a kumbaya moment. We only have  a few years to get this thing right,” says Nevin Mindlin, former Mayoral Candidate

Papenfuse said he looks forward to working with city council on discussing the budget and any changes they might have. There will be a series of public hearings starting the January  30th to discuss the budget. City Council will vote on the proposed budget on February 11th.