PA House Democrats push school funding as top priority in Corbett’s 2014 buget

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Pennsylvania House Democrats urged Governor Corbett to make education a top priority in his upcoming 2014, 2015 proposal.  Led by State Representative, Louise Williams Bishop of Philadelphia, Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday at the State Capitol building that would begin the effort of restoring what they say are Governor Corbett’s funding cuts to education.

State Rep. Louise Williams Bishop of Philadelphia says, “They are your future legislators, they are your future reporters, they are your future governors, they are the future of Pennsylvania.  We must grow Pennsylvania so that it can educationally compete in the global world.”

In Governor Corbett’s first three budgets, Democrats say he slashed more than one billion dollars from public education spending.  The governor’s administration argues the reductions were the direct result of the disappearance of federal stimulus dollars that had been used to prop up education budgets under former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell.

Corbett is slated to make his state budget proposal in three weeks.

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  • lazrus444

    How much more revenue are we going to dedicate to a dysfunctional school system? Like rapid transit, it's only as good as those who run it. In PA. there are few qualified for that position and those who are have better opportunities other then Government flunky.

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