Weather conditions may be to blame for SUV into house

Weather conditions may be to blame for an accident that sent an SUV into a home in Penn Township, Lancaster County this morning.

Around 3:30 a.m. Jim and Linda Reed woke up to the sound of a loud boom at their home on the 200 block of Doe Run Road.

When they went to investigate, they found an SUV crashed into the side of their attached garage.

“My electric garage door opener was just continuously running and I went to turn the power off and the garage door, I felt, was over my electrical box,” Jim Reed said. “I looked to my left and there was some headlights and a parking light in my garage that I didn’t put there.”

Reed said the SUV driver told him he hit a patch of ice in the road. It caused him to lose control, clip the neighbor’s house and then crash into the garage.

No one was hurt.