Father gets some closure after daughters accused killers arrested

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Michael Kline’s daughter Ashley was picked up by men she thought were her friends on the night of December 30th last year, but they weren’t her friends. Now they’re being charged with her murder. Her father is grateful they’re in jail. “She had to be cremated. There was not enough left. It was up to me” said Kline.

Police have charged Ryan Schannauer and Adam Lynch with the murder of Ashley. They’re accused of stabbing her multiple times and then setting her body on fire and leaving her in a remote location on Laurel Drive in Clay Township, Lancaster County.

Kline is struck by disbelief because he knows one of the accused men. “Ryan was a friend of our family and a good friend of Ashley’s so we also feel betrayed” said Kline.

Kline is a religious man, but this experience has tested his faith. “The bible says we have to forgive… I’m not at that place right now” said Kline. For now he’s putting his faith in the court system. He’s said he wants justice. David Scheffen is the Northern Lancaster Regional Police Chief. He said “our goal is justice and to speak for the victim and to assure a successful prosecution.”

Meanwhile Kline is trying to heal his family and his own heart. “There’s a big open space where she was. And we’re all just saddened. We’ll miss her forever” said Kline.

There has been a fund set up to help with Ashley’s funeral costs. http://www.mullfh.com/obits/obituary.php?id=442520