Adams County mother struggles to make sure her kids are insured

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An Adams County woman learns her children don`t have health insurance at the most inopportune time – when she took them to the doctor`s office.

Melinda Jones told us, “I gave the lady my information and she said ‘your daughter`s not on your insurance’ and I said what do you mean? I paid for this and she said ‘no I`m sorry but it`s not on here’.”
Melinda is a mother of three who signed up for a family insurance plan through -only to learn her children weren’t insured because the insurance company had to wait to see if they qualified for Medicaid.

“I don`t want Medicaid I want my family plan I specifically worked very hard to pick out what fits my family I have a deductible I can afford and I have a plan that will have my needs met during the year.” Said Melinda.

She didn’t even want her children’s names to be considered to qualify -but – the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare says certain criteria such as income – will automatically send children`s names to see if they qualify.
“It`s the way they`re directing traffic at the marketplace and it`s how the affordable care act was designed.” Says Matthew Mclees of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

He said they would like to help Jones – but their hands are currently tied.

They’re waiting for thousands of aplication files to come from the federal government.
Melinda too, in a waiting game, says “Right now I want to fight this really hard because I don`t think anyone should have to go through this I left that doctor’s office in tears.”

The department of public welfare says once Melinda eventually finds out if her children do qualify for Medicaid – she can opt to take them off and put them on her plan and they would be able to help her do that –


  • anthonymwilliams

    I really pray that this system some how works. I am sure I'm not the only person with doubts. The ACA is all good and dandy on paper but seems far too complicated to administer all at once. What is going to happen when it all comes tumbling down. From what I have read and heard it sounds like ACA was purposely written to hide the pertinent information. The most obvious case in point is the President of the United States of America telling the entire nation. " If you like your plan you can keep it".
    I'm sorry but I don't have a fancy degree but isn't that perjury? If so why hasn't this man been punished or impeached? To me a such a blatant lie told within such a magnitude of importance is way more severe than a stain on a blue dress.
    I'm not directly anti Obama so I would just like to hear from someone, anyone with true authority to explain this in plain and simple language to the American People three issues. 1. Honestly how can this man still be in office after so blatantly perjuring himself. 2. Name just five things he has actually done for the good of our United States of America. 3. Verify that he was actually legally and honestly elected and re-elected as the President of The United States.
    As a military veteran and proud American I did and still will obey and follow all lawful orders of the President of the United States and all officers over me. However please note the word LAWFUL.

  • The Opinionated One

    I feel sorry for the Adams County woman and her children in this report. I imagine that they are just a few of many who are experiencing issues with "OBAMACARE". Interim coverage should have been in place for the children until the "Powers That Be" decide whether or not her children qualify for Medicaid. Actually if the system were set up properly that issue would have been resolved when the mother applied on Another sad story involving "OBAMACARE". Have you noticed that it is now being referred to as either or the ACA? OBAMACARE is beginning to look like a failure, and it appears that our president does not want his name associated with failure. I have to agree with the person who wrote the first comment on this report. This president needs to be impeached, period, turn page!

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