Amazing video: Bistro 19 reopens after water damage

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Remember the record-breaking cold temperatures we had a few weeks ago? FOX43 reported on numerous pipes freezing and then bursting at homes and businesses. One of those businesses, Bistro 19 in York, has finally reopened after being closed for more than a week.

“I had the alarm company call me and tell me that they were dispatching the fire department. Then I got a call that I had gallons of water coming down the wall in my bar,” said Pat, owner of Bistro 19. “It was Niagara falls, everywhere!” said Pat.

The restaurant closed after a sprinkler system burst at a vacant building next door. The water poured into Bistro 19. Pat painstakingly watched as the fire department and water company tried to locate the water main under George Street.

“The water just kept running, and running, and running, and running,” said Pat.

The water came through the wall and into the bar area, and that was just the beginning. “Downstairs it was just pouring in from the crawl space. There was over three feet of water in the basement. We had kegs floating, all of my equipment was underwater. Yeah, it was a mess!” said Pat.

The cleanup took days. “The fire department came and pumped out the whole basement. I had to call a restoration company,” said Pat.

Insurance will cover the damage and the water has since dried up. What Pat can’t get back is the thousands of dollars she lost in business. “The loss is tremendous and I have payroll today. I have sales tax on Monday. So I’m hoping I have a really good weekend!” Pat said with laughter.

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