Lebanon kidnapper, out on bail, arrested for stalking victim

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Willis Christ

Police say a Lebanon man, arrested for kidnapping a 10 year-old girl in September of 2013 is now charged with stalking the girl while he is out on bail. Willis Christ, 70, allegedly entered the girl’s home on the 800 block of Walnut Street on September 30th, grabbed the girl, then 9, from behind and covered her mouth so she could not make any noise.  Christ then drug her out of the house into an alley next to her home.  The victim struggled and broke free from his grasp and escaped.  She was not injured during the incident.

On Monday afternoon, the mother of the victim called police to report that Christ was on her front porch. The woman ordered Christ to leave. Police found Christ a short distance away and took him into custody.

Police determined that Christ was out on bail from the original incident.  A bail revocation hearing was held in front of Magisterial District Justice Maria Dissinger and Christ’s bail was revoked.  He was remanded to the Lebanon County Correctional Facility on the original bail of $50,000.

Police filed an additional charge of Stalking against Christ for the incident on January 13th, 2014.

The kidnapping victim was not home at the time of the second incident.


  • esco

    Doesn't look like he's ever going to be worthy of society again. Scared to think what would happen if he got hold of a gun.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Does anyone ever wonder what makes a 70 year old snap to do this? If he did not have prior history in his life, the psychiatrists should be studying this man's brain chemistry.

    • anthonymwilliams

      I in no way condone what this man did. This is totally unacceptable in any society. I do think the man needs help, mentally I feel he has issues. Should he go unpunished? Absolutely not but in this case I don't feel being put in a state or federal prison is going to rehabilitate him to return back to society either. There are mental hospitals where he should be placed. I guess a prison hospital mental ward. I do believe someone failed in their responsibility by not noticing there was something "off" with this man. He should have been evaluated properly before being allowed back on the streets. I'm no professional in that area but just looking at him gives me the creeps. The alarm should have gone off in someone's head. I wonder what he said and acted in court?
      My true concern is how this affected the family and especially the child. I can imagine this child will have serious trust issues. Of course the way this world is today having trust issues could be a good thing.

      • MyTakeOnIt

        Yeah, he looks creepy but that has nothing to do with mental acuity.

        If he has no family, there is no one "responsible" for him. He has freedom to live life alone as a 70 year old adult. You are free to exist in society in this country UNTIL you do something wrong. We don't know if he had any prior history or just snapped (as many mass-casualty shooters have demonstrated).

        The evidence presented to a Judge to grant bail to this guy for the first incident should be looked at. Was the Judge negligent in his or her decision to grant bail? Somewhere, there should be an investigation as to what led to the guy's release on bail. Unfortunately, no one will look at that stuff because no direct harm came from incident number two.

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